This easy, 4.2 km-long course was the starting-point in the past for many who have since gone on to successfully face greater challenges. This run is intended for families with children and for sportspeople who are just getting familiar with regular running.

  • START: 1st October 2017 (Sunday)

    Kosice, Marathon Centre, Hlavná street 1


    Kosice, Marathon Centre, Hlavná street 1


    No age restriction.
    Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who is also properly registerd for the Minimarathon.
    Application of children under 15 years of age must be signed by their parent or guardian.


    Participants register to the Kosice Peace Marathon through Online registration. The Organizer reserves the right, also during the time when Registration is going on, to set a limit on the number of registered participants, for reasons of capacity, safety, logistics or other reasons, as well as the right to terminate Registration at any time or to change the date of its completion. (see General Conditons)


    Material prizes will be awarded for the first three men and first three women.


    The Minimarahon is a mass event with no measurement of finishing times.


    All participants are under obligation to arrange their own individual medical insurance for this event. The Organizer cannot be held responsible for any damage to property or health incurred during competitors’ travel, stay or participation in the event. It is the responsibility of each participant to arrange and undergo an appropriate health check-up and to obtain proper information regarding his/her state of health in connection with his/her decision to take part in any of the KPM disciplines. Each Kosice Peace Marathon participant takes part in the event at their own risk.


    Marathon Club Košice
    Pri jazdiarni 1, P. O. Box F-24, 043 04 Košice
    tel.: (+421 55) 622 00 10
    fax: (+421 55) 622 41 58


    All events organized by Marathon Club Kosice are held in accordance with IAAF athletics competition rules, the Slovak Athletics Association competition code, and the provisions of these propositions. Participation in the Kosice Peace Marathon is subject to the General Conditions.


    • Also parents with children in baby carriage can participate in Minimarathon. In that case the parent and child must be registered for the race. The child’s start number must be placed visibly on the baby carriage.
    • All participants must respect the instructions of referees, track marshals and organizers!
    • Participants can register only for one chosen discipline of the Event. Participation in more than one discipline within the Event is not allowed.
    • A competitor running with a bib number of another runner will be disqualified and both competitors will be banned from the Kosice Peace Marathon in the future.
    • Accompaniment of Participants by other persons on the course of event on bicycles or on other vehicles is prohibited and can result in disqualification of thus accompanied participant. Only persons accredited by the Organizer may move on the course by bicycles with the purpose of fulfilment of tasks defined by the Organizer.
    • During the race is forbidden to listen to music and to wear headphones from safety reasons.
    • All participants start on their own risk.

    For more information read the General Conditions.


    This inner-city circuit is based on the original course set up for the World Half-marathon Championships in 1997. There are no prominent uphill sections, and the streets are fully asphalt surfaced. The marathon course consists of two laps, while the half-marathon runners complete just one. Both of these basic disciplines have been granted an IAAF / AIMS certificate for their course. The other accompanying races are held over parts of this circuit, and their measured and published distances do not require certification.


    mapa_trat MMM


    Payment date Minimarathon Diamond Club
    by 31st August 7 EUR 0 EUR
    from 1st September 10 EUR 10 EUR


    Participants who finished Marathon (42,195 km) in Kosice 25 or more times become mebers of the Diamond Club and get a free start for Kosice Peace Marathon, if they register by 31st August.

    See the list of members of Diamond Club.

    A welcoming package and these basic guaranteed services:

    • T-shirt with Minimarathon graphics
    • Start number
    • Free public transport
    • Medal for reaching the finish
    • Changing rooms
    • Medical services around course and at finish
    • Refreshments and services in finish area
    • On-line participant’s diploma
    • Information service – event info sent to participant’s e-mail address

    Participants can order additional products and services through on-line registration.


    The Online registration for the Kosice Peace Marathon becomes valid only after payment of the entry fee, which must be paid at the same time as your registration.

    Any application which is not followed by payment credited to the Organizer’s bank account is incomplete and will be considered by the Organizer as invalid. The Organizer then decides whether to keep such an application in the records and continue in communication with the applicant (see General Conditions).


    • Payment card – at the same time as your registration.
      The payment is almost instantely matched with your application.
    • Bank transfer
      Payment will be matched with the application only after it is credited to the Organizer’s account.

    Details for payment by bank transfer:
    Account name: Maratónsky klub
    Bank: Všeobecná úverová banka a.s., Štúrova 27/A, 042 31 Košice
    Account number: 417 31512 / 0200
    IBAN: SK36 0200 0000 0000 4173 1512
    Variable symbol: number, serving to identify the payment.

    If one bank transfer is to be used to pay entry fees for several participants at once, the Organizer must be informed of this in advance by e-mail ( The e-mail must include the names of all the participants whose entry fees are being paid and the variable symbol of the payment.

    If payment is made by bank transfer which does not include the correct variable symbol, it will not be possible to identify the payment, and no payment will be matched with the participant’s application for registration.


    Registration and receipt of the entry fee payment can be checked by logging into the competitor’s account in the Online registration section of our website.

    The Organizer cannot be held responsible for incorrectly entered details either in your application or in your entry fee payment instructions!