For Running Beginners

We’re glad that the KPM is frequently an inspiration and incentive for people to change their life-styles and begin running, for example. It is for this very reason that we offer such a wide range of disciplines with various levels of difficulty. We focus especially on supporting women in their efforts to begin running regularly, mainly through the WomenFriendly Marathon programme. So everyone can choose what they want, although without objective consideration of your strengths and reasonable preparation, you should not begin running.

What we advise in general:
Running is often a life-long activity, as the results come with time.

Contact a group of experienced runners; in this way you can get a lot of valuable advice with no ulterior motive.

Do not put off consulting your own doctor, because you need to know what your body can cope with.

Running is not an expensive sport, but you should never economize on the quality of your running shoes.

Find time to study as much information as possible which is available on the web as well as in book form.