Košice Peace Marathon – 1.10.2023

  • Read carefully all instructions concerning your start at the Kosice Peace Marathon which can be found by clicking on the corresponding link. We wish you a successful end of your training preparation and we are looking forward to meet you in Kosice.


    MARATHON (42,195 km)
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    HALF MARATHON (21,097 km)
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    Instructions for Runners
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    Handover Area 2

    Instructions for Runners
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    Start list – Handbike
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    Financial prizes – Marathon

    General conditions
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    Program of the Košice Peace Marathon 2023
    Find usefull information about Kosice and tourist attractions here
    Check the public transportation lines before your arrival to Kosice.

    Here you will find the possibilities of detours during the Košice Peace Marathon, on Sunday 1.10.2023 from 8:00 to 15:00.
    Traffic diversions
    Direction Prešov – Centrum and back
    Direction from Železníky to Rastislavova street
    Direction Moldavska street to centre
    Direction Margecany and Spišská Nový Ves
    Direction Kysak and ZOO Kavečany

    Recommended parking lots and how to get to them can be found here.

    Start Number Pick up (Kulturpark) – only from October 29 September do 1 October 2023
    Information for participants about registration to the Kosice Peace Marathon and start number pick up.
    +421 901 700 514

    Marathon Office (hotel Doubletree by Hilton) – only from 29 September to 1 October 2023
    General information about the Kosice Peace Marathon.
    +421 901 700 551

  • Detailed conditions of participation in the Košice Peace Marathon are regulated by the General Terms and Conditions, which are binding for every registered Event Participant.


    Marathon Club Košice
    Žriedlová 3444/30, P.O.Box F-24, 040 01 Košice-Staré mesto, tel.: +421 55 6220010,
    E-mail: info@kosicemarathon.com, Web: www.kosicemarathon.com
    Progress Promotion Košice, s. r. o.
    Žriedlová 3444/30, 040 01 Košice, tel: +421 55 6228282
    E-mail: progress@progress.sk, Web: www.progress.sk


    Participation and competing in the Košice Peace Marathon are governed by the General Terms, the rules of the World Athletics (WA) and the competition rules of the Slovak Athletics Association (SAZ) and the provisions of these Propositions.


    October 1, 2023 (Sunday)
    Košice, Slovakia,


    • Marathon (42,195 km)>
    • Halfmarathon (21,097 km)>
    • Relay Magna Marathon 4×1/4 (9-12 km)
    • Inline (20 km)
    • Handbike (20 km)



    The time limit for the marathon is 6 hours. The race will end after this limit is reached. For other KPM disciplines, the Organizer will set a limit with a reasonable time before the Event and will announce it in the Final Instructions document.
    KPM participants on the course after this limit shall themselves bear all the risks associated with it.


    18 years (born 2005 and before) – Marathon, Halfmarathon, Handbike
    15 years* (born 2008 and before) – Relay Magna Marathon 4×1/4
    15 years* (born 2008 and before) – Inline

    * Participants under the age of 18 may only participate in selected disciplines. When picking up the bib number, they must hand over the written consent of their legal representative. The consent of a legal representative is part of the start Acceptance.


    In addition to the evaluation in absolute order, the Organizer will compile results in the Marathon and Half-Marathon disciplines by assigning the appropriate order in the following age categories:
    M40, W40 (1983 – 1974)
    M50, W50 (1973 – 1964)
    M60, W60 (1963 – 1954)
    M70, W70 (1953 and before)

    Other disciplines are assessed without any age categories.


    Košice Peace Marathon Participants will receive financial rewards and prizes in kind according to a special schedule published by the Organizer 15 days before the Event.


    After verification, the official results in the individual KPM disciplines will be published by the Event Organizer on its website at www.kosicemarathon.com within a reasonable time after the end of the Event.


    Protests related to results or that arise during a race discipline must be submitted within 30 minutes of the publication of the results of that discipline. The race Organizers must ensure that the time of the announcement of the results in each discipline is recorded.
    Each protest will be made verbally to the Head Referee by a competitor or an official representing the competitor. If the Head Referee is not present, a protest may be submitted to him through the race office.
    The appeal must be submitted to the jury within 30 minutes of:
    a) the official announcement of the race results, as adjusted by the decision of the Head Referee; or
    b) notification of the decision given to the person who lodged the protest, if the result has not been altered.
    An appeal must be made in writing, must be signed by the competitor or person representing the competitor, and must be supported by a deposit of 10 EUR. The deposit will be forfeited if the jury finds the protest irrelevant.


    The Organizer does not offer insurance to participants. The provision of insurance of any type (medical, injury, liability for damage, travel, etc.) is the responsibility of the event Participant. Possible costs for treatment, hospitalization, damage caused and the like shall be borne by the Participant.
    The Organizer takes no responsibility for damage to property or health associated with travel, stay and participation of racers in the events. It is the responsibility of a Participant to undergo a relevant health examination prior to the start and to obtain information about his or her own health status in association with the decision to participate in any KPM discipline. Each Participant starts at the Košice Peace Marathon at his or her own responsibility.


    Detailed terms of participation in the Kosice Peace Marathon are subject to the General Terms and are obligatory to every registered Participant of the Event.
    The Organizer reserves the right to change the program, propositions and other conditions without prior notice.


    The only method of registration for Events is registration in advance in the on-line registration form, which is available on the Web page of the Organizer at www.kosicemarathon.com. A component of on-line registration on the mentioned Web page is also the payment system set for the payment of the participation fee (hereinafter the Registration Fee).

    Participants in the Marathon, Half-Marathon, Inline and Handbike disciplines register individually via their competitor’s account at the on-line registration.

    The 4 × 1/4 marathon team is always registered by one of its members. Relay teams consists of four members. Each member of the relay team may run only one section. The relay course is identical to the KPM course. The individual sections of the relay have the following lengths: 12 km, 9 km, 12 km, 9 km. The order of runners in the relay is entered during registration. Changing this order is possible only on the basis of a written request, which will be granted according to the capacities and decisions of the Organizer.


    Entry fee for the Kosice Peace Marathon 2023 is scheduled as follows:

    If paid Marathon, Halfmarathon Relay 4×1/4 Marahton* Inline Handbike Diamond Club
    by 31st January 45 EUR 40 EUR 40 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
    by 31st May 50 EUR 45 EUR 45 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
    by 31st August 55 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
    from 1st September 60 EUR 55 EUR 55 EUR 0 EUR 60 EUR

    *The stated entry fee must be paid for each member of the relay.
    If the date of registration and the date of payment do not match, the date of payment is decisive for determining the amount of the Entry Fee.


    The entry fee is used primarily to cover part of the costs associated with the overall preparation and organization of the event.
    As part of this, the Organizer provides the participant with the following, as well as other services and benefits not listed here:

    • Starting number with disposable chip (with participant’s name if application and entry fee payment are received by 31st August)
    • Measurement of time and relevant split times using chip technology
    • SMS with finishing time (if participant supplies cell-phone number in application)
    • Medal for reaching the finish within the time limit
    • A special discount on the purchase of a premium Event T-shirt
    • Marathon magazine
    • Storage service for personal belongings
    • Measurement of finishing time and intermediate times
    • Medical services around course and at finish
    • Refreshments around course (every 5 km)
    • Refreshments and services in finish area
    • On-line participant’s diploma
    • On-line results list
    • Information service – event info sent to participant’s e-mail address
    • Other services and benefits will be published on an ongoing basis as more detailed specifications are known



    The on-line registration for the Kosice Peace Marathon becomes valid only after payment of the entry fee, which must be paid at the same time as your registration.

    A registration form which is not submitted simultaneously with payment of the prescribed Registration Fee to the account of the Organizer is incomplete and shall be considered by the Organizer as invalid. The Organizer shall decide whether such a registration is to be left in the records for further communication with the Participant.


    1. Payment by card
    The following payment cards are accepted:
    Master Card
    Master Card Electronic
    VISA Electron
    Diners Club International

    2. Payment with a registration code
    Payment using a registration code is intended mainly for event partners and employers (hereinafter referred to as a Company) that offer participation and starting in individual Events as a benefit for their employees or for other persons based on their own decision.

    In case of payment with a registration code, all obligations and rights of the participant following from participation in the Event as stated in the General Terms and Conditions remain valid.

    Payment with a registration code is not transferable to another Participant or to the following year of the Event.


    Registration and receipt of the entry fee payment can be checked by logging into the competitor’s account in the on-line registration section of our website.

    The Organizer cannot be held responsible for incorrectly entered details either in your application or in your entry fee payment instructions!


    1. The Organizer does not refund a paid Entry Fee.

    2. A registered Participant who does not appear at the Presentation, does not pick up his or her bib number and does not make it to the start of the Event has no claim on a refunding of the Registration Fee or any claim for the refunding of possible other payments associated with participation. The Organizer in such a case has no obligation to offer or otherwise substitute an ordered service or to deliver material equipment and objects associated with the start at the Event.

    Cancellation of a start

    1. A registered Participant may request the shifting of his or her participation and registration fee to the following year of the Event electronically on the Web page of the Organizer after logging in to his or her participant’s account and may do so no later than 96 hours before the start of the event discipline. For such a step the following conditions must be met:
    a) At the moment of submitting a request the Participant had met all conditions of participation for the Event in the given year.

    b) A Participant who is allowed the opportunity to shift the Entry Fee and who subsequently wants to use this opportunity must in the following year again properly register for the Event in a discipline written in the propositions, which does not have to be identical with the original discipline from the previous year, and must do so no later than by the deadline which the Organizer published for the relevant year.

    c) Such a Participant shall receive prior to the opening of registration for the subsequent year of the Event a registration code with instructions for its use. After receiving instructions with the registration code, the Participant must register properly online for the Event in the period stipulated in these instructions. At the same time with such a repeated registration the Participant shall pay a handling fee for shifting the start in the amount of 10.00 EUR.

    2. Shifting the start to the following year of the KPM is not possible if the Participant:
    a) is registered to the Kosice Peace Marathon in Minimarathon
    b) is registered for the Event through a registration code – the Organizer assigns registration codes on the basis of special instructions,
    c) despite the sending of a request to shift the start, he or she picked up his or her bib number for the given year of the Event.

    3. If the Participant does not observe the deadline and conditions for the shift of the Entry Fee or does not pay the handling fee, the possibility of shifting the Entry Fee automatically expires.

    4. A shift of the Entry Fee is possible only one time and only to the next, that is, the following year of the Event. A repeated shift of an already shifted Entry Fee is not possible.

    Shifting of a start

    1. A registered Participant may request the shifting of the right to start to another person via e-mail and may do so up to the moment when the the on-line registration for the Event is closed. The time of this act is not fixed, is subject to the decision of the Organizer.

    2. The request for shifting of the right to start must always come from the originally registered Participant. In the case of such a shift, the new Participant shall pay a handling fee in the amount of 8.00 EUR.

    3. With the shifting of the right to start to a new Participant the paid Registration Fee and all other paid fees and claims associated with them are also shifted. The approval or rejection of such a request is upon the fulfilment of all conditions in the exclusive authority of the Organizer.

    4. Shifting the start to the another participant is not possible if :
    a) the Participant is registered for the Event through a registration code – the Organizer assigns registration codes on the basis of special instructions,
    b) the Participant is registered for The Slovak Marathon or Half Marathon Championships,
    c) the Participant is member of any loyalty program of the Event,
    d) the Participant picked up his or her “Welcoming Package”, including the bib number at the KPM Presentation.
    e) the participation limit set by the Organizer for the selected disciplines has been met.

    Change of discipline
    Changing the discipline from Marathon to Half-Marathon and vice versa can be done after logging in to the competitor’s account up to the deadline for assigning start numbers and creating start lists. This date is set each year by the Organizer depending on the internal circumstances of the organization of the Event. Any changes in other disciplines of the Event or a change in a member of the group discipline (e.g. the Relay, etc.) shall be reported by the Participant via an e-mail sent to the Organizer no later than 96 hours before the start of the event discipline. Approval of such a request is the exclusive competence of the Organizer, even if all conditions are met.


    This inner-city circuit is based on the original course set up for the World Half-marathon Championships in 1997. There are no prominent uphill sections, and the streets are fully asphalt surfaced. The marathon course consists of two laps, while the half-marathon runners complete just one. The marathon, as the main discipline of the Košice Peace Marathon has WA and AIMS certificates issued for its course. Additional disciplines take place in parts and sections of this urban circuit, and their competitive distance is not subject to such international certifications.


    A fast marathon course must be distinguished by several positive parameters. In addition to the low number of directional changes or sharp turns, the elevation profile is also obviously important. In Košice it was possible to create a course which from this point of view satisfied even the most demanding criteria and is comparable in this respect to the courses on which the fastest times in the world ranking are achieved every year.

    If we take a closer look at the elevation profile of the course, we see that the elevation between the lowest and highest-lying points achieves on the city circuit in Košice only 16.35 m (200.700 m above sea level to 217.050 m a.s.l). Another major factor, the total of all climbs on the marathon course, in Košice adds up to only 74 metres.


    ► Course map Marathon – Google maps
    ► Course map Halfmarathon – Google maps
    ► Course map Inline – Google maps

    ► Map [pdf]

    mapa_trat MMM



    All the fast marathon courses must have couple of positive parameters. Besides very few direction changes or sharp turns it is of course the elevation profile. In Košice there is a course meeting the most challenging criteria. In Berlin where plenty of world records have been set up there are 21 direction changes on the course in the angle equal 90˚or even sharper. In Košice the number of such direction changes on the full marathon course is the same low.
    If we have a closer look to its elevation profile we will find out that difference between the lowest point on this Košice city circuit and its peak is only 16,35 m (200,7 m above sea level – 217,05 m a.s.l.). The cumulative elevation gain on the marathon course is then 74 meters.
    For your information in Berlin the difference between lowest and highest point is 25,6 m (cumulative elevation gain 37 m) and in Boston 146,3m (cumulative elevation gain 241 m).