Frequently asked questions

You will find detailed information on registration and participation in the Kosice Peace Marathon in the General Terms of the KPM and the Event Propositions


How can I register for the KPM?
Registration for the KPM is possible only online via the Organizer’s Web page. If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact the Maratónsky klub Košice.

I have an ID and password. Why am I unable to login to my account?
A new registration system was launched in 2015. The ID and password from the old registration system, which worked until 2014, are no longer valid. If a participant is registering through the new registration system for the first time, he or she must first create a new account. The new login information can subsequently be used for logging into all events organized by the Maratónsky klub Košice. The new login information will remain valid for future years of the KPM.

Why do I have to enter an e-mail address during registration?
The e-mail address functions as an identifier of the participant and is required for logging into the participant’s account. At the same time the organizer sends to the e-mail address important information associated with participation of the participant in events.

May I register several racers through my account?
Yes, anyone who created the account may register other participants for an event. The mandatory information must always be filled in.

If I register someone else through my account, can that person subsequently deal with his or her own registration?
Yes, everyone who you register for a race through your account will get at his or her own e-mail address a message on the activation of his or her own account. After activation, he or she can begin to use this account and administer his or her own registration alone.

I want to register a child for the Minimarathon. Does the child need his or her own participant’s account and e-mail address?
No, you can register a child through your participant’s account and it is not necessary to enter an e-mail address.

How should I register for the group disciplines (e.g. the 4×1/4 relay)?
All members of a team are registered by the team leader through his or her own participant’s account. Payment can then be made all at once, or individual runners can pay their own part individually.

How do find out if my payment was accepted?
In the case that payment was accepted and assigned to registration, “YES” appears on the account of the participant by payment. The name of the participant is depicted in the list of registered participants who have met all the conditions for participation in the event. At the same time a confirmation of payment acceptance is sent to the e-mail address.

What should I do if no e-mail arrives on confirmation of registration or payment?
In such a case, check the registration on the participant’s account. If you do not see the registration there, then it probably didn’t go through and it is necessary to fill out the registration once more and send it in. If registration is there but in the payment field the word “NO” appears, even though you have already paid, then write to, so that we can determine what problem occurred.

Is it possible to pay on an invoice?
The organizer issues an invoice for a received payment with an order of services and goods only from a legal entity or a natural person with a tax identification number assigned (Tax ID/VAT ID), if this person sends an order in advance with the identification data (name, address of seat, postal address, Tax ID/VAT ID).


When will it be possible to pick up the bib number and welcoming package?
Presentation and picking up of bib numbers is carried out of Friday and Saturday before the event. The exact place and time will be published on

What do I need at presentation for picking up the bib number and welcoming package?
The most important document to pick up your Bib number is your Start Acceptance and ID Card.
We will send the Start Acceptance to all participants by e-mail in a pdf document. You can also download your Start acceptance from your runners account:

Start Acceptance will be available only after assigning of bib numbers (at the latest on 15 September), at the account of participants who have met all the conditions for participation (i.e. full registration and payment of the registration fee).

What should I do if I am already registered, have the registration fee paid for, and I cannot take part in the event?
We do not refund a paid registration free (see General Terms of Participation in the KPM). In the case of notification of non-participation no later than 96 hours before the start of the races, the participant has the opportunity of applying the registration free in a future year of the event.
If a participant cannot take part and wants to forward the registration fee onto another participant, he or she may do so at the latest 96 hours before the start. The participant who is originally registered must request such a change. The new participant then registers for the event via online registration. The new participant then takes over the bib number. In the case of such a transfer of the registration fee to another participant, it is necessary to pay a handling fee of 10 EUR. After taking over the bib number it is no longer possible to further shift the registration fee to another year.

When will my bib number be assigned; how do I find out my bib number?
The Organizer will assign a bib number after closing the starting list. A bib number is assigned only to participants who met the conditions of participation (i.e. complete registration and a paid registration fee in the full amount). A participant may find out his or her bib number after logging into his or her participant’s account.

Why doesn’t my bib number have my name on it?
All participants who registered and paid the registration fee by 31 August have their name on their bib number. In addition, participants who changed disciplines or registered only on or after 1 September do not have their name on their bib number. With the relay race, the names of the relay team is given instead of the names of the runners. Participants in the Minimarathon do not have their name on their bib number.

Will my starting package also contain my chip for measuring time?
Each participant in the disciplines Marathon, Half-marathon and Relay will have a one-time use chip placed on the back side of the bib number.
Participants in the Inline and Hand bike disciplines obtain a chip which needs to be returned to the Organizers at the finish line, in a place determined in advance. The returnable chip is not glued to the bib number and is attached with an integrated self-adhesive around the ankle.
Participants in the Minimarathon do not receive a chip, as it is a non-competitive run.

May I put the bib where I want?
No, the bib must be placed according to the organizer’s instructions. It may not be placed other than is stated in the instructions and may be not folded or hidden. If the bib has a chip attached, the participant may not modify it, pull the chip off, cover, fold or hide the bib. If these instructions are not observed, a participant runs the risk of disqualification.

Why must the bib number be in a visible place?
The bib number must be in a visible place, because this is the unique identifier of each participant, namely upon entry to the dressing room, starting area, finish line and subsequently the entire course of the event. The bib number helps to identify the participant in the case of emergency for the needs of the health and safety services. The bib number assigned by the Organizers to a participant is not transferable to another person.

Is it mandatory to fill out the form on the back side of the bib number?
We recommend that each participant fill out the health form on the back side of the bib number. This information is not gathered or stored and remains together with the bib of the participant. It is used only by the health or rescue service if necessary for more effective approach when protecting the health of a KPM participant.


Do members of a relay team have to run in the order stated on the starting list?
A change in the order of relay members can be reported by e-mail at or personally at presentation when picking up the bib numbers. After picking up the bib numbers a change in the order of runners is no longer possible.

Are all sections of the relay of the same length?
No, sections of the relay have approximately the following lengths: 12 km, 9 km, 12 km and 9 km.

May fewer than 4 runners also form a relay team? May one runner run two sections of the relay?
This is not possible. The relay race is intended for a four-member team and each member may run only one segment.

May a runner who completes his or her section of the relay continue further, for example, a half-marathon?
This is not possible. In the scope of one event a participant may only be registered for a single discipline.


May my child run the Minimarathon alone?
A child up to age 12 must run accompanied by an adult who is also properly registered for the run. A child age 13 to 18 years old must upon presentation bring an Acceptance of start form signed by a legal guardian.

May I run the Minimarathon with a child in a pram or on a scooter, bicycle, balance bike, etc.?
Participation of an adult in the Minimarathon with a child in a pram is prohibited. The participation of children (and adults) on bicycles, scooters, balance bikes, skates and other sporting devices is also strictly prohibited.


What measure was used to assign me to a starting sector?
Participants in the Marathon and Half-marathon are assigned to starting sector according to the last achieved finishing time in the given discipline or (in the case of participating in the event for the first time) according to the objectively predicted finishing time which a participant put in when registering for the event. After the assigning of bib numbers, the sector can no longer be changed.

What if I am unable to finish in the set time limit?
If a runner does not reach the 33.3 km mark within 4:45 hours, the referees will take his or her bib number away on the course. In the results list the runner will be listed as DNF (did not finish).

Why is running with headphones not permitted?
For safety reasons. At any time during the run a situation may occur that the organizer needs to direct or warn runners, clear the course for an ambulance, on the instruction of police, etc. Therefore, it is necessary that all runners are fully aware of the situation around them. A runner runs the risk of disqualification for violating this rule.

May a friend on a bicycle, scooter or other equipment accompany me on the course?
No, any accompanying of runners on the course is strictly prohibited and may lead to disqualification of the accompanied runner. Only persons accredited and properly labelled by the Organizer for the purpose of fulfilling a task defined by the Organizer may move along the course on bicycles or similar transport equipment.

What should I do after reaching the finish line?
All runners who reach the finish line should without delay move to the finish line service area. There they can pick up their finishing medal, find refreshment and then continue further, out of the finish line service area.

How and when will I find out in which place I finished?
Preliminary results are posted on boards in the finish line area. After the races, an SMS message with the finishing time will be sent to all runners who entered a telephone number during registration.

What should I do if I finish in first place in a discipline or category.
In the finish line area during the races the winners of individual disciplines and categories are gradually announced according to the schedule given in the instructions for participants. A runner who finished in a declared place should get on time to the winners’ stage or to another place given in the instructions and wait there for the announcing of his or her category.

What should I do if I am to receive a financial reward for my finishing place?
Financial rewards are paid by bank transfer to the account of the runner only after the issuing of official even results. A runner is such case sends his or her bank account number by e-mail ( The account number should be in the form of an IBAN, with the BIC/SWIFT code and the name of the account holder.


What should I do if I finished the race, but I am unable to find myself in the results list?
Contact us at Maratónsky klub ( State your discipline, name, bib number and if possible your approximate finishing time.
We point out that if a runner did not have a runner’s chip on during the races, then his or her time could not be measured, and for this reason that runner will not appear in the results list or will appear as DNS (did not start) or DNF (did not finish).

Where and when will the official results of the events be published?
On the Web site: approximately two weeks after finishing the races.

Where, when and how do I get a participation diploma?
The participation diploma will be published at after publication of the official race results. Each participant in an event may find his or her diploma after entering his or her name and bib number and may subsequently print it out.

If you did not find the answer to your question on this page, please contact the Maratónsky klub Košice. (