Košice Marathon Books

BUKOVSKÝ, V. et al. 35 Years of the Košice Peace Marathon 1924 – 1959. Bratislava: Šport, 1960. 116 pp. 4000 copies

The founders of the Marathon in Košice had to make great effort and sacrifice in the difficult circumstances of its early beginnings so that they could build the foundations of today’s world-famous event. This book presents a historical survey of individual editions of the Košice Marathon. It gives the names and results of all the runners, as well as those who joined in organizing the yearly events as officials. A photographic appendix completes this modest volume, which is the first more comprehensive historical work published about the Košice Marathon.

KAPRÁL, V. et al. The Peace Marathon in Košice 1924 – 1985. Košice: East Slovakian Publishing Company, 1987. 272 pp. 12000 copies

The Košice Peace Marathon has more than 60 years of existence under its belt, and the organizers of this sporting event issue a new book marking the occasion of the granting of the honorary title City of Peace to Košice on 6th October 1985. The book enables us once again to relive some dramatic moments of sporting competition, and meetings with many well-known runners. The book is complemented with a great many black and white photographs (and some colour prints as well, in contrast to the earlier book from 1960), as well as an extensive history of the city of Košice and its Marathon.

MATIA, B. – KONIAR, B. The Peace Marathon in Košice 1924 – 1999, Košice: Pezolt, 1999. 133 pp. 2000 copies

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the first Košice Peace Marathon, the Košice Marathon Club issued a dual-language (Slovak and English) cross-section type publication capturing the most important moments from the past and present of this traditional event. It contains more than 300 photographs, a winners’ gallery, tables of statistics, profiles of the most significant personalities, and interesting glimpses behind the scenes of the Marathon.

HAZUCHA, M. The Oldest in Europe. Košice: Pezolt, 2004. 129 pp. 2000 copies

Five years later the Košice Marathon Club marks the KPM’s round-figre anniversary with a new book presenting unique documents and eye-witne acounts from the history and present-day of the Košice Marathon, dedicated to its principal founder Vojtech Bukovský. This book is the result of many years’ meticulous research by the author, almost nit-picking in his attention to detail, mapping the growth of the Košice Marathon and using those events to present the course of its founder’s life.

MICHÁLEK, J. – ŠMITÁK, J. The most important personalities of the Košice Marathon. Brno: Masaryk University Press, 2008. 88 pp. 500 copies

The Košice Marathon Club, this time in cooperation with the Faculty of Sports Studies at Masaryk University in Brno, publishes another book for the dossier-minded fans of the KPM. The core of this book is devoted to the most significant personalities competing or otherwise participating in the rich history of this marathon event.

KONIAR, B. – MATIA, B. – ŠIMO, M. 90 years in stories, facts and figures. Košice: ProgressPromotion, 2014. 160 pp. 2000 copies

This is the sixth in the series of books which have been written about the KPM, and it portrays the 90-year history of these races from various points of view. It relates stories which capture the spirit of their period and the development of the Košice Marathon, and recounts the great many interesting and original aspects of the Marathon, all supported by a wealth of photographic material. More attention is paid to statistical details, the majority of which are not to be found in the preceding publications.