General Conditions

I. Conditions of participation in Košice Peace Marathon and definition of basic concepts

  1. The Organizer of the Košice Peace Marathon (hereinafter only KPM or Event) is the Marathon Club Košice, with seat Pri Jazdiarni 1, 043 04 Košice, Slovakia.
  2. These general conditions are valid for all Participants of the Košice Peace Marathon in its individual disciplines. In case of need the Organizer will assure interpretation of these conditions.
  3. Anybody, who meets the age condition defined for individual disciplines, provided that he/she meets also all other conditions defined in these General conditions and the Propositions issued by the Organizer, is entitled to participate in KPM.
  4. The conditions of participation of Top athletes and participants with status Guest of Organizer are governed by specific conditions determined for such persons.
  5. Definition of basic concepts
    • Košice Peace Marathon – hereinafter (abbreviated) as Event or KPM
    • Propositions – instructions and information for individual disciplines of KPM for those interested in participation in KPM, issued annually by the Organizer of KPM.
    • Discipline – individual race, e.g. Marathon, Half marathon, Inline, Relay run, Mini marathon and others.
      On-line Registration – registration for KPM via electronic registration form on web page of the Event (
    • Start acceptance – confirmation of the Organizer on fulfilment of conditions for registration of Participant in KPM
    • Presentation of KPM – activity and place where the Organizer on the basis of signed Start Acceptance deliver BIB numbers and Welcome bags to KPM Participants. (Time and place of Presentation are annually published in Propositions of KPM)
    • Entry fee – participation fee, the settlement of which is one of the conditions of Start acceptance.

II. Registration for KPM

  1. Basic form of application for KPM is on-line registration on Organizer´s web page On-Line Registration. The payment system determined for settlement of participation fee (hereinafter Entry fee) is part of the on-line registration.
  2. Personal registration directly during event in the place of presentation and takeover of the BIB numbers is possible only if participation limits for the selected disciplines will not be filled at that time.
  3. The Organizer has a right, even during the time of registration, to state the limit of the number of registered participants for capacity, safety, logistics or other reasons and also a right to finish the registration any time or adjust the term of its deadline.
  4. The applications for participation in KPM are arranged in order in which they were delivered to the hands of the Organizer.
  5. Participants can register only for one chosen discipline of the Event. Participation in more than one discipline within the Event is not allowed.

III. Validity and acceptance of application for KPM

  1. An application which is not covered with payment added to the account of the Organizer is incomplete and is regarded from the side of the Organizer invalid. The Organizer shall decide if he keeps such application in register for further communication with the Participant. No claim arises for the Participant for keeping the application in register; no claim arises for start in KPM, even after payment of owed start fee after its maturity. All decisions and instructions in such case are only in competence of the Organizer. Organizer will not accept payment of entry fee after the on-line registration is closed.
  2. The Organizer has the right not to accept the application and not enable start in KPM even in case of settlement of Entry fee, if:
    a) the participant stated in application incomplete, inaccurate or misleading data.
    b) the participant was in the past provably convicted of doping offence by authorized national institution.
    c) the participant was already in the past disqualified at participation in KPM.
  3. Each participant in KPM must at presentation, before start of KPM, hand in the signed “Start Acceptance”, which he/she can print after registration at his/her own participant´s account in on-line registration, provided that all conditions of participation in KPM are fulfilled. The Organizer will make the print of “Start Acceptance” accessible only after BIB numbers are allotted to the participants of Event.

IV. Registration and BIB number are non-transferable

Participation in KPM is a personal and non-transferable right, which arises due to fulfilment of all conditions of registration of Participant in KPM. The basic identifier of the participant from safety, health and sport-technical point of view is the unique start number allotted by the Organizer. BIB number allotted to the KPM Participant is non-transferable to other person. Violation of this rule can result in disqualification of concerned parties.

V. Entry fee and other payments

  1. Payment of Entry fee
    a) Basic tariffs of Entry fee for individual disciplines of KPM are annually announced by the Organizer in Propositions for Event and its individual disciplines.
    b) The amount of Entry fee in KPM depends on selected discipline, date of registration and payment. Further items may be added to start fee in process of registration if the Participant books additional services and goods offered.
    c) In case of payment of other (understand lower) sum than prescribed at payment by card or bank transfer the Organizer considers such application invalid and may exclude it from further process of registration.
    If by one bank transfer shall be settled the sum for more participants the Organizer should be informed about it beforehand via e-mail. The Participant should settle such mass payment only after approval of the Organizer.
  2. Payment of start fee is possible in the following forms:
    a) By payment card. The following payment cards are accepted:
    • Master Card
    • Master Card Electronic
    • VISA
    • VISA Electron
    • Diners Club International
    Such payment is part of on-line registration. The form and procedure of payment by card is explained directly in registration system.

    b) Bank transfer, to the bank account of the Organizer:
    Name of account: Maratónsky klub
    Bank: Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s., Štúrova 27/A, 042 31 Košice
    Account number: 41731512 / 0200
    IBAN: SK36 0200 0000 0000 4173 1512
    Variable symbol is the part of payment by bank transfer and it is the original ID number allotted to the Participant at opening of participant´s account on web page of the Event
    c) Cash payment is possible only at presentation in place of takeover of the BIBs before KPM but only under condition that the participation limits in selected disciplines will not be filled at that time.

VI. Cancellation of application, returning Entry fee

  1. Return of Entry fee after its payment is not possible.
  2. The registered Participant who does not appear at the presentation and does not take over his/her BIB number and does not come to the start of KPM is not entitled to return of Entry fee or other related payment.
  3. The registered Participant may require the transfer of Entry fee to the following KPM, the latest 72 hours before the start of KPM, by letter or e-mail under the following conditions:
    a) In the moment of submission of application the Participant fulfilled all conditions of participation in KPM in the given year.
    b) The participant, who was enabled to transfer the Entry fee, must in the following year again duly register for KPM, the latest by 30th April of relevant year. Simultaneously with the registration the Participant will settle the manipulation fee for transfer of Entry fee in the amount of 6.00 EUR.
  4. In case the participant does not observe the term and conditions of transfer or does not settle the manipulation fee, the possibility of transfer of the Entry fee automatically extinguishes.
  5. The transfer of Entry fee is possible only once and only for the next, the nearest run of KPM. The repeated transfer of the already transferred start fee is not possible.
  6. The registered Participant may require to transfer the Entry Fee to other Participant, the latest 72 hours before the start of KPM, by e-mail. The request of transfer must be placed by the originally registered Participant. In case that the start numbers are sold out in a choosen discipline, the transfer of Entry Fee is not possible.
  7. Transfer to another Participant is not possible in case, the start numbers in the choosen discipline are sold out.
  8. After the welcome bag pick up, transfer of the Entry fee to the following year or to another Participant is not possible.

VII. Benefits provided to Participants for settlement of the start fee („Welcome Bag“ )

  1. The Organizer annually defines the range of benefits which he provides to the participants of KPM who paid the Entry fee. These benefits will be published on web page of KPM as „Welcome bag“. The organizer has a right to define the limited number, quality or other parameter of such benefits, depending on the total number of participants or term in which the participant of KPM registered. The participant will be informed about such eventual limitation in the process of on-line registration and it will be his/her decision if he/she applies for KPM under such conditions.
  2. The participant is not entitled to services or benefits, which are within KPM provided from the side of the Organizer or his partners free of charge.

VIII. Safety of participants

  1. KPM is held in any weather. The Organizer however reserves the right to cancel or interrupt KPM, in case of serious danger, such as extreme fluctuations in air temperature, otherwise unfavourable weather, danger of terror and other beforehand unpredictable events and circumstances. In such case the Participant is not entitled to return of Entry fee or its part.
  2. The Organizer will give the Participants of the event organizational instructions to participation in the event in adequate form (e-mail, publishing on web page of the Organizer) before the KPM. Each Participant of KPM is obliged to respect and observe these instructions and measures resulting from them.
  3. Each participant of KPM is obliged to respect and observe the instructions of designated members of Organizational team of KPM and organizers of KPM during the total duration of the event.
  4. The use of any equipment or aids from other sport disciplines and competitions, which may advantage the participant, or impede other participants, or threaten the health of participants and spectators, is prohibited. These include for example bicycles, balance bikes, skateboards, etc.
  5. The use of in-line skates or wheelchairs and hand bikes for handicapped participants is permitted only in disciplines which are exclusively determined for this.
  6. Accompaniment of Participants by other persons on the course of event on bicycles, with animals or on other vehicles is prohibited and can result in disqualification of thus accompanied participant. Only persons accredited by the Organizer may move on the course by bicycles with the purpose of fulfilment of tasks defined by the Organizer.
  7. In case of provable failure to observe the prescribed course of given discipline of KPM or violence of safety of participants or spectators, the Organizer is authorised to prohibit the Participant to continue in race and disqualify him/her.
    Members of health service of KPM are authorised to permit the Participant the start or continuance in participation in KPM, in case of protection of Participant´s health due to objective health symptoms.

IX. Exclusion of responsibility

  1. In case that the Organizer Is forced due to vis mayor, war, terrorism or other threat to cancel KPM before its start or during the event, the Participants are not entitled to return of Entry fee, regarding to the fact, that on the side of the Organizer the costs for preparation of KPM arose already before the act of cancellation of KPM. The Organizer may however, after consideration of all circumstances and calculations of these costs return to the Participants part of Entry fee.
  2. All Participants of KPM start on their own responsibility, the Organizer is not responsible for any material damages, losses on property or injury of health, connected with participation in the event or journey or stay in the place of event. It is the Participant´s responsibility to arrange a relevant health check-up and acquire information about his/her health condition in connection with the decision to participate in any discipline of KPM. Each Participant of KPM is obliged to arrange his/her individual health insurance.

X. Privacy policy and related processes

  • The Organizer of KPM processes personal data of Participants according to Act No.122/2013 Coll. on privacy policy.
  • The personal data of the Participant provided to the Organizer in the process of registration are used by the Organizer with the purpose of identification of the Participant, for needs of health and security service of KPM, for purposes of processing and publishing of start and results lists, time measurement, Entry fee payment and for provision of information service among the Organizer, his partners, co-organizers and the Participant.
  • Photographs, film shots, interviews and other forms of record of the Participant connected with his/her participation in KPM are at Organizer´s disposal. The Organizer reserves his right to archive and publicly publish the given records in all forms. The Participant is not entitled in such case of publishing to any financial, material or other compensation.

XI. Final and special provisions
These General conditions become valid on 1.2.2014 and are valid without time limitation.
The Organizer reserves his right to make alterations and amendments to these General conditions of participation in KPM.