Five Košice Marathon Runners among the World´s TOP 100


The Spring part of 2016 Marathon Season is almost over. Looking at the TOP 100 male performances, it is obvious that athletes who have run Košice Peace Marathon in the past were successful in this part of the season as well. Five of them ranked among TOP 100 till middle of May 2016.

The highest ranking goes for Sammy Kosgei, the winner of Košice Peace Marathon in 2015 (2:07:07). Sammy improved in Dubai with time 2:06:53 and today occupies 17th place in the 2016 worldwide ranking.

The best one among women who have ever run Košice Marathon is the actual course record holder Ashete Dido (PB 2:23:43) who finished in Tokyo in February 2016 with time 2:25:50.

It has happened twice that Košice performances became the world´s best performances of the year. First one Argentinian Juan Carlos Zabala who won in 1931 with time 2:33:19. The second one Russian athlete Sergej Popov whose winning time 2:17:45,2 in 1959 in Košice was not beaten by anyone in the world at that year.

kosgei zabala

1. Samuel Kosgei maintained his great shape from Košice in 2016 as well.
2. Juan Carlos Zabala crossing the finish line in Košice in 1931. No other athlete has run marathon faster that year.


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