Half Marathon Košice – Seňa

During its 90 years of existence the marathon in Kosice has been linked to various courses, the most recalled of all is the one from Kosice to Sena and back, which runners first tested in 1926. It was fabled for it flatness, and linked to the border village of Sena. It was near to the hearts of many, and became synonymous of the event.

A reason for its rebirth was found, even in the form of half-marathon that we organize in the beginning of the summer, from 2003 the start is situated in Kosice city center and finish in the Sena. For some this half-marathon is a kind of start of their focused training program for the marathon in autumn.

  • we are preparing the Propositions and On-line registration for the Halfmarathon Kosice – Sena.


    Marathon Club Košice
    Municipality of Seňa
    In cooperation with:
    The City of Košice, Slovak Athletics Association and support from sponsors


    Saturday, 23rd June 2018


    Košice, Hlavna street
    9:30 a.m. Runners
    9:50 a.m. Inline


    Seňa – outside the municipal hall


    Limit for 15th km is 1:45 hours.
    The course will be closed in 2:30 hours after the start of the runners (12:00)


    18 years (year of birth 2000 and earlier)


    Participants register to the Kosice Peace Marathon through On-line registration.


    MH Men – main category
    M1 Men 40 – 49 years (1969 – 1978)
    M2 Men 50 – 59 years (1959 – 1968)
    M3 Men 60 years and older (1958 and older)
    MJ Men Juniors (1999 – 2000)
    ZH Women – main category
    Z1 Women 40 – 49 years (1969 – 1978)
    Z2 Women 50 years and older (1968 and older)
    ZJ Women Juniors (1999 – 2000)
    KM Inline Men No age categories
    KZ Inline Women No age categories


    Category winners will be declared only if at least three competitors in each category reach the finish line. Prizes will be awarded to the first three men and first three women in the absolute finishing order, and to the first three competitors in each category, on condition that at least three competitors have started in the given category.


    The official time is measured from the firing of the starting pistol to the crossing of the finish line. This time decides the final order of runners at the finish. The results list also shows the figure for the net (unofficial start-finish line) time for information purposes.


    Protests, regarding the results and situations arising during the race, have to be made verbally to the main referee no later than 15 minutes after the announcement of the results. Protests against the decision of the main referee heve to be made in writing in the race office, no later than 30 minutes after the announcement of the decision of the main referee, upon payment of 10,- EUR.


    Emergency Rescue Service vehicles, police escort, Organizing Committee vehicles, Medical doctor

    The races take place under open road traffic conditions. Competitors take part at their own risk, and are under obligation to respect normal road traffic regulations (pursuant to Low No. 8/2009 Statutes and MV SR Regulation No. 9/2009) and follow the instructions of the Organizers and police officers. Competitors are to run on the right-hand side of the marked course. Competitors who break this rule are liable to disqualification. Inline skaters have to wear a protective helmet.


    Participants are responsible for their own health insurance, insurance for treatment costs and possible other insurance. The Organizer bears no responsibility for damage to health or property associated with travel, accommodation and participation in the events. It is the responsibility of the participant to undergo before the start a relevant health examination and to obtain information on his or her health status in association with the decision to participate in any KPM discipline. Each participant starts the KPM at his or her own responsibility.


    Participation and competing in the Košice Peace Marathon are governed by the General Terms of KPM, the rules of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the competition rules of the Slovak Athletics Federation (SAZ) and the provisions of these Propositions.


    Payment date Runners, Inline
    by 20th June 10 EUR
    after 20th June 10 EUR

    A welcoming package and these basic guaranteed services:

    • Košice – Seňa Halfmarathon T-shirt
    • Starting number with chip
    • Time measurment
    • Changing rooms at start
    • Changing rooms with showers at finish
    • Medical services around course and at finish
    • Refreshments along course (every 5 km)
    • Refreshments and services in finish area
    • On-line results listing
    • Information service – event info sent to participant’s e-mail address

    Participants can order additional products and services through on-line registration.


    The ON-LINE registration for the Kosice Peace Marathon becomes valid only after payment of the entry fee, which must be paid at the same time as your registration.


    1. With a Payment card
    2. It is the primary and recommended method of paying the Registration Fee during the on-line registration of a KPM Participant and guarantees that he or she will undoubtedly and immediately have the right to participate upon the meeting of other conditions.

    3. Payment by Bank transfer
    4. Payment by bank transfer is an additional method of paying the Registration Fee, and the participant must anticipate a time delay for arrival of the money to the Organizer’s account, and that this process often causes the whole registration to be incomplete and unfinished due to missing and delayed processes on the side of the Participant.
      Details for payment by bank transfer:
      Account name: Maratónsky klub
      Bank: Všeobecná úverová banka a.s., Štúrova 27/A, 042 31 Košice
      IBAN: SK36 0200 0000 0000 4173 1512
      Variable symbol: number, serving to identify the payment.

    If one bank transfer is to be used to pay entry fees for several participants at once, the Organizer must be informed of this in advance by e-mail (info@www.kosicemarathon.com). The e-mail must include the names of all the participants whose entry fees are being paid and the variable symbol of the payment.


    Registration and receipt of the entry fee payment can be checked by logging into the competitor’s account in the on-line registration section of our website.

    The Organizer cannot be held responsible for incorrectly entered details either in your application or in your entry fee payment instructions!


    The Košice – Seňa Halfmarathon is run on the course which was used over many decades for the automn Kosice Peace Marathon. The course lenght is 21,1 km, officially measured, with an asphalt surface. The course is identical for runners and inline skaters.

    Runners Inline Runners Inline
    0,00 km START – Hl. street – 60 m north from the end of park fence 9:30 h 9:50 h
    0,10 km turning point
    0,90 km turning near Tesco
    1,75 km turning Pribinova street
    2,60 km turning near Tesco
    3,35 km Dolná brána
    3,65 km Osloboditeľov place – south 9:40 – 9:55 h
    3,80 km 0,00 km Južná tr. beginning – start of Inline 10:00 h
    4,00 km 0,20 km Južná tr.- Požiarnická 10:01 h
    0,45 km Južná tr.- Beginning 10:02 h
    1,65 km Južná tr.- Jantárová crossroad 10:05 h
    2,85 km Južná tr.- beginning 10:07 h
    5,00 km 3,90 km Južná tr.- Jantárová crossroad 9:46 – 10:07 h 10:10 – 10:25 h h
    5,40 km Sponging station I – OMV petrol station
    6,00 km Južná trieda – next to tram stop „Cintorín“
    7,00 km Južná trieda – behind the crossroad Nad Jazero 9:51 – 10:19 h 10:12 h
    8,00 km Barca – petrol station 9:55 – 10:28 h 10:14 h
    9,20 km Sponging station II – cca 150 m before the end of Barca
    10,00 km Šebastovce 10:02 – 10:42 h 10:18 – 10:50 h
    11,00 km Šebastovce – end of +Sebastovce 10:04 – 10:49 h 10:20 h
    12,00 km road Šebastovce – Haniska
    12,40 km Sponging station III – Šebastovce (under the bridge)
    13,00 km road Šebastovce – Haniska
    14,00 km road Šebastovce – Haniska
    15,00 km crossroad Haniska – Čaňa 10:15 – 11:15 h 10:26 – 11:05 h
    15,05 km Sponging station IV – crossroad
    16,00 km road Haniska – Seňa
    17,00 km road Haniska – Seňa
    17,50 km Sponging station V – Grajciar settlement 10:23 – 11:32 h
    18,00 km road Haniska – Seňa
    19,00 km road Haniska – Seňa
    19,80 km Sponging station VI – begining of Seňa 10:23 – 11:32 h
    20,00 km Seňa 10:30 – 11:47 h 10:34 – 11:25 h
    21,00 km Seňa
    21,0975 km 20,00 km Seňa, Culture house 10:33 – 12:00 h 10:35 – 11:30 h