Handbike and wheelchair racers have been an inseparable part of the KPM event since as early as 1990. The historic first winner over the original full marathon distance was Miroslav Klečka from the Czech Republic. Today the course is 20 km long.

  • Please carefully read the following instructions which will help you to become familiar with the different situations on the day of the race.
    The race is held under the IAAF rules, Slovak Athletic Federation regulations and proposals for Kosice Peace Marathon in year 2018 distributed by the organizer.



    AUPARK shopping mall, Kosice


    October 5, 2018 (Friday) 10.00 am – 8.00 pm
    October 6, 2018 (Saturday) 09.00 am – 8.00 pm

    On race day (i.e. October 7, 2018) there is no possibility of presentation or collection of starting numbers with a chip!


    October 7, 2018 (Sunday) at 8:50 am, Marathon Centre, Hlavna street, Start/Finish Zone


    Moyzesova street, near the Sports hall


    The first part of course is same for runners and Inliners/ Handbikers till km 13,8. Then through Južná trieda participants continue in the left traffic line, through the crossroad near Ryba to the VSS bridge and back to the Marathon Course.
    After crossing the finish line, participants slowly continue to the finish area at Hviezdoslavova street, where finish service will be provided.


    Public transport is on the race day (Sunday, October 7, 2018) free of charge for the Kosice Peace Marathon participants upon display of the bib number.

    • On the Race Day, competitors accommodated in the Students Hostels can access the shuttle between the Medická Street and the Start area at 7.00, 7.30, 8.00, 8.30 a.m.
    • The competitors will be transported after the race from the cloakrooms back to the hostel by shuttle at 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30 h.
    • Public Transportation Plan



    Cloak rooms are located indoor the swimming pool (Protifašistických bojovníkov 4). Access to the cloak rooms will be permitted from 7:30 a.m. to competitors with a bib number. The competitor will place his belongings into a plastic bag kept in a locker, both properly marked with a bib number. In case that all lockers will be occupied, the personnel will place the plastic bag marked with a bib number to a reserved place. Travel luggage cannot be stored in cloak rooms. Upon request, personnel of the swimming pool will deposit the valuables of the runners in the safe deposit box. Organizers are not responsible for any lost or stolen belongings.


    Toilets are located indoor the swimming pool (Krytá plaváreň) Portable toilets will be situated at the start/finish area and at the KPM course at 7,5km, 10km, 15km, 17,5 and 20km (for marathon runners also available in the second lap).

    WARM – UP

    With regard to the time sequence of the KPM start, runners will be able to warm up on the Štúrova Street only (leading from the cloak rooms towards the start area). Warm-up won’t be allowed on the Main Street.


    MYLAPS BibTag timing technology.
    Participants in Handbike and Wheelchairs disciplines will receive one start number and a returnable chip.
    (Do not forget to return the chip in finish.) Place the start number visibly on the chest. Fasten the chip around the ankle or handbike with a tap.
    Every participant must pass all the checkpoints at the course.


    Refreshment stations:

    5,1 km, 10,1 km, 15,1 km, 20 km
    Energy drink in red glasses and water in plastic bottles and paper glasses will be at disposal.

    Sponging stations:

    with water in paper glasses will be located between the refreshment stations.
    Do not throw empty bottles and glasses down the middle of the road; it may cause injuries to competitors running behind you!


    Medical care standpoints are located in the Start and Finish area as well as at several places along the course. An emergency vehicle for
    rapid assistance will move along the course.

    Runner’s Emergency Card

    An emergency card will be printed at the back of every start number. Organizers recommend, with attention to health protection to fill out this card.


    • Access into the start area is exclusively through warm-up area – follow the instructions of organizers
    • Inline starts at the west side of the Main Street (left in the direction of run), with wave of a pennon
    • Handbikers and Wheelchairs start at the east side of the street (right in the direction of run), with wave of a pennon
    • Participants have to take their place in the sector by 08:35 a.m.



    • 5,1 km and 26,1 km – Anička area, in front of the tennis courts. The road is constricted to 3,0 meters width on a 10 meters long distance!
    • 13,7 km and 34,8 km – diversion to Holubyho street. Only one traffic lane 3,5m wide

    Organizers ask all participants to adjust their movement to the condition of the road!!!


    Detailed terms of participation in the Kosice Peace Marathon are subject to General Terms of Kosice Peace Marathon. and are obligatory to every registered Participant of the Event.

    • All participants start on their own risk .
    • Inline skaters, handbikers and wheelchairs must wear a helmet.
    • Each runner is personally responsible for the decision on his or her physical condition and on ability to overcome the whole distance in chosen category.
    • During the race is forbidden to listen to music and to wear headphones from safety reasons.
    • Coaches or other persons on bicycles (or other means) are not allowed to accompany participants and therefore will be excluded by police or by organizers.
    • According to IAAF rules, accepting refreshment is allowed only in refreshment station’s areas.
    • All participants must respect the instructions of referees, track marshals and organizers.
    • A competitor running with a bib number of another runner will be disqualified and both competitors will be banned from the KPM in the future.
    • Violation of these rules can lead to disqualification!



    Award ceremony will be held in the start/finish area, according to the following timetable:

    I –Marathon Centre, Hlavna street
    09:45 am Minimarathon Men, Women 1st – 3rd place
    II – Marathon Centre, Hlavna street
    10:30 am Handbike Men, Women 1st – 3rd place
    Inline Men, Women 1st – 3rd place
    Wheelchairs Men, Women 1st – 3rd place
    Halfmarathon Men, Women 1st – 3rd place
    III – Marathon Centre, Hlavna street
    11:30 am Marathon Men 1st – 3rd place
    11:45 am Marathon Women 1st – 3rd place
    IV – Marathon Centre, Hlavna street
    12:00 am Slovak Marathon Championships Men 1st – 3rd place
    Relay 4×1/4 Teams 1st – 3rd place
    Junior Realay Race
    FS SR Championships Marathon – Men 1st – 3rd place
    V – Marathon Centre, Hlavna street
    13:00 pm Slovak Marathon Championships Women 1st – 3rd place
    Marathon – Age categories M40, M50, M60, M70, W40, W50, W60, W70 1st place



    Prize Money will be paid to winners after the release of official results by bank transfer. All winners entitled to prize money have to report their account number by e-mail to the Marathon Club Kosice (info@www.kosicemarathon.com) by October 15th.

    We wish you a pleasant and successful Marathon weekend in Košice.


    Marathon Club Košice
    Pri jazdiarni 1, P. O. Box F-24, 043 04 Košice, tel.: +421 55 6220010, fax: +421 55 6224158
    E-mail: info@www.kosicemarathon.com, web: www.kosicemarathon.com


    Participation and competing in the Košice Peace Marathon are governed by the General Terms of KPM, the rules of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the competition rules of the Slovak Athletics Federation (SAZ) and the provisions of these Propositions.


    7th October 2018 (Sunday)
    Start / Finish Zone, Hlavna street 1, Kosice


    Moyzesova street, Kosice


    6 hours. The course will be closed at 3:00 p.m.


    18 years (born 2000 and before)


    Participants register to the Kosice Peace Marathon through On-line registration.


    Handbike – Men, Women


    Financial prizes will be awarded to the first 6 men and first 6 women, on condition that at least three competitors have started in the given category.


    The official time is measured from the firing of the starting pistol to the crossing of the finish line. This time decides the final order of runners at the finish. The results list also shows the figure for the net (unofficial start-finish line) time for information purposes.


    Protests, regarding the results and situations arising during the race, have to be made verbally to the main referee no later than 15 minutes after the announcement of the results. Protests against the decision of the main referee heve to be made in writing in the race office, no later than 30 minutes after the announcement of the decision of the main referee, upon payment of 10,- EUR.


    Participants are responsible for their own health insurance, insurance for treatment costs and possible other insurance. The Organizer bears no responsibility for damage to health or property associated with travel, accommodation and participation in the events. It is the responsibility of the participant to undergo before the start a relevant health examination and to obtain information on his or her health status in association with the decision to participate in any KPM discipline. Each participant starts the KPM at his or her own responsibility.

    Detailed terms of participation in the Kosice Peace Marathon are subject to General Terms o Kosice Peace Marathon. and are obligatory to every registered Participant of the Event.


    Entry fee for Kosice Peace Marathon 2018 is scheduled in amount 50 EUR including VAT.
    Organizer provides reduced entry fee on following conditions:
    We support disabled sportspeople.
    KPM Participants entering for the Handbikers discipline pay no entry fee.

    Registration and payment Handbike
    By 31st July 0 EUR
    From 1st August 0 EUR


    A welcoming package and these basic guaranteed services:

    • T-shirt with event’s graphics
    • Participant’s bag
    • Starting number with disposable chip (with participant’s name if application and entry fee payment are received by 31st August)
    • Free public transport
    • Medal for reaching the finish within the time limit
    • Marathon magazine
    • SMS with finishing time (if participant supplies cell-phone number in application)
    • Measurement of finishing time and intermediate times
    • Changing rooms
    • Showers and massage
    • Medical services around course and at finish
    • Refreshments around course (every 5 km)
    • Refreshments and services in finish area
    • On-line participant’s diploma
    • On-line results list
    • Information service – event info sent to participant’s e-mail address

    Participants can order additional products and services through Online registration.

    Participants should give T-shirt size in their application for registration (except for Mini-marathon, Corporate Run). Due to the fact that the deadline for ordering T-shirts falls in advance of the deadline for applications, the Organizer will supply participants with T-shirts in particular sizes as long as stocks last. Participants registered by 31st July will have priority in this regard. For partipants registering later the Organizer will make every reasonable effort in order to supply T-shirts in the requested sizes. Men and women will be supplied with appropriately-styled T-shirts.


    The ON-LINE registration for the Kosice Peace Marathon becomes valid only after payment of the entry fee, which must be paid at the same time as your registration.


    1. With a Payment card
    2. It is the primary and recommended method of paying the Registration Fee during the on-line registration of a KPM Participant and guarantees that he or she will undoubtedly and immediately have the right to participate upon the meeting of other conditions.

    3. Payment by Bank transfer
    4. Payment by bank transfer is an additional method of paying the Registration Fee, and the participant must anticipate a time delay for arrival of the money to the Organizer’s account, and that this process often causes the whole registration to be incomplete and unfinished due to missing and delayed processes on the side of the Participant.
      Details for payment by bank transfer:
      Account name: Maratónsky klub
      Bank: Všeobecná úverová banka a.s., Štúrova 27/A, 042 31 Košice
      IBAN: SK36 0200 0000 0000 4173 1512
      Variable symbol: number, serving to identify the payment.

    If one bank transfer is to be used to pay entry fees for several participants at once, the Organizer must be informed of this in advance by e-mail (info@www.kosicemarathon.com). The e-mail must include the names of all the participants whose entry fees are being paid and the variable symbol of the payment.


    Registration and receipt of the entry fee payment can be checked by logging into the competitor’s account in the on-line registration section of our website.

    The Organizer cannot be held responsible for incorrectly entered details either in your application or in your entry fee payment instructions!


    This inner-city circuit is based on the original course set up for the World Half-marathon Championships in 1997. There are no prominent uphill sections, and the streets are fully asphalt surfaced. The marathon course consists of two laps, while the half-marathon runners complete just one. Both of these basic disciplines have been granted an IAAF / AIMS certificate for their course. The other accompanying races are held over parts of this circuit, and their measured and published distances do not require certification.


    mapa_trat MMM



    All the fast marathon courses must have couple of positive parameters. Besides very few direction changes or sharp turns it is of course the elevation profile. In Košice there is a course meeting the most challenging criteria. In Berlin where plenty of world records have been set up there are 21 direction changes on the course in the angle equal 90˚or even sharper. In Košice the number of such direction changes on the full marathon course is the same low.
    If we have a closer look to its elevation profile we will find out that difference between the lowest point on this Košice city circuit and its peak is only 16,35 m (200,7 m above sea level – 217,05 m a.s.l.). The cumulative elevation gain on the marathon course is then 74 meters.
    For your information in Berlin the difference between lowest and highest point is 25,6 m (cumulative elevation gain 37 m) and in Boston 146,3m (cumulative elevation gain 241 m).