Košice Marathon With Brad New Logo


As usually the beginning of the year is the time when Košice Peace Marathon is achieving its new graphic identity. The logo is different each year so the event´s original visual gallery composed of different logos is spreading wider every year.
In 2015 the main idea of Fero Záborský, author of the logo, was getting back to work and message of Arpád Račko. The maker of the Marathon Runner Statue suddenly passed away in the beginning of this year in which we will commemorate his unreached 85th birthday. 2015 will also be the year when project of modernization of Statue area will be finished. In this area there will be new granite pylons errected where names of upcoming marathon winners made from bronze letters will be continuously put on. The project of new pilons could be realized partly thanks to the public collection.
And so the new logo of the marathon will forever remind us that year 2015 was dedicated to the life and work of Arpád Račko.


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