Jubilee exhibition is opened


At the well-known address, Košice Peace Marathon Square, you will find, in addition to the iconic statue of the marathon runner, the headquarters of the East Slovak Museum. In the building built in neo-renaissance style 120 years ago, visitors can look into the past of the oldest marathon in Europe until November 11.

The exhibition 100 YEARS OF THE MARATHON IN KOŠICE captures the most interesting milestones and, in addition to the panel section, also offers rare three-dimensional artifacts, as well as the opportunity to travel through the centuries through a new film documentary, which will allow visitors to more fully perceive the atmosphere and overall context of particular era.

The symbolic so called “Pylon of the century” will not be missing either. For the first time, the names of all runners who completed the marathon course in Košice from 1924 to 2022 are displayed in alphabetical order.


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