Košice Peace Half Marathon 2020

  • Given the overall situation caused by the spread of Covid-19, we are forced to suspend all preparations for the Košice Peace Half Marathon and fully comply with official regulations aimed at protecting the health of all of us. We are moving its renewed premiere in this form to 15 May 2021. We greatly appreciate the trust of all of our runners and fans, and we believe that they will fully understand and support this approach and these steps.

    If you have already registered for the Košice Peace Half Marathon, in the form below, you can decide how to settle your starting fee for this event. You can choose from two options. Move the entry fee to 2021 or return it to your account.



    Marathon Club Košice
    Pri jazdiarni 1, P. O. Box F-24, 043 04 Košice, tel.: +421 55 6220010, fax: +421 55 6224158
    E-mail: info@www.kosicemarathon.com, web: www.kosicemarathon.com

    Progress Promotion Košice, s r.o.
    Vrátna 6, 04001 Košice; tel:+421 55 622 82 82
    e-mail: progress@progress.sk, Web: www.progress.sk


    Participation and competing in the Košice Peace Half Marathon are governed by the General Terms, the rules of the World Athletics (WA), the competition rules of the Slovak Athletics Federation (SAZ) and the provisions of these Propositions.


    Košice, Slovak republic


    • 21,1, km
    • 10 km
    • 5 km



    15th May 2021 (Saturday), 16:00 h.
    Start / Finish Zone, Dolná brána, Hlavna street, Košice


    Start / Finish Zone, Dolná brána, Hlavna street, Košice


    Participants register to the Kosice Peace Half Marathon through On-line registration.


    3 hours. The course will be closed at 19:00 h.


    21,1 km – 18 years (born 2003 and older)
    10 km – 16 years (born 2005 and older)
    5 km – No age restriction

    Runners under the age of 12 may take part in the 5 KM discipline only in the accompaniment of a participant older than 18 years old who is also properly registered for the event.
    All participants under the age of 18 years old, who may participate only in selected disciplines (see the Proposition), must have written consent of their legal guardian with them when picking up the race package.


    Košice Peace Half Marathon – 21,1 km

    Men Women
    M (main category) W (main category)
    M40 (1981 – 1972) W40 (1981 – 1972)
    M50 (1971 – 1962) W50 (1971 – 1962)
    M60 (1961 – 1952) W60 (1961 – 1952)


    Košice Peace Half Marathon – 10 km

    Men Women
    M (main category) W (main category)
    M40 (1981 – 1972) W40 (1981 – 1972)
    M50 (1971 – 1962) W50 (1971 – 1962)
    M60 (1961 – 1952) W60 (1961 – 1952)


    Košice Peace Half Marathon – 5 km

    Men Women
    M (main category) W (main category)
    M40 (1981 – 1972) W40 (1981 – 1972)
    M50 (1971 – 1962) W50 (1971 – 1962)
    M60 (1961 – 1952) W60 (1961 – 1952)



    Financial prizes will be awarded to the first 3 men and first 3 women in the main categories and a first placing in each age category mentioned above, on condition that at least three competitors have started in the given category.

    Result lists in main categories and all age categories mentioned above will be processed on condition that at least three competitors have started in the given category.


    The official time of each participant in disciplines with chip measurement is set from the moment of the starting gun up to the moment of crossing the finish line. The time thus measured determines the final finishing order of participants.


    The Organizer does not offer insurance to participants. The provision of insurance of any type (medical, injury, liability for damage, travel, etc.) is the responsibility of the event Participant. Possible costs for treatment, hospitalization, damage caused and the like shall be borne by the Participant.
    The Organizer takes no responsibility for damage to property or health associated with travel, stay and participation of racers in the events. It is the responsibility of a Participant to undergo a relevant health examination prior to the start and to obtain information about his or her own health status in association with the decision to participate in any discipline. Each Participant starts at the Event at his or her own responsibility.

    Detailed terms of participation in the Kosice Peace Marathon are subject to General Terms and are obligatory to every registered Participant of the Event.

  • Entry fee for the Košice Peace Half Marathon:

    If paid 21,1 km 10 km 5 km
    by 31st January 15 EUR 15 EUR 10 EUR
    by 15th March 17 EUR 17 EUR 10 EUR
    by 15th May 20 EUR 20 EUR 10 EUR


    The amount of the Entry Fee for the Event depends on the selected discipline, the date of registration and the date of payment of the Entry Fee. The Participant is obligated to pay the Entry Fee in the amount prescribed for the day when the money will be recorded to the Organizer’s account.

    The Organizer will issue an invoice for a received payment for ordered services and goods only to a legal entity or natural person with a tax identification number (TAX ID/VAT ID), if such entity/person sends an order in advance with the identification data (name, address of seat, postal address, TAX ID/VAT ID).

    The Organizer has the right in advance or at the time when registration takes place to set a limit to the number of registered Participants in the individual disciplines of the Event and to do so from capacity, security, logistical or other reasons, and also has the right to end registration at any time or to alter the time of its ending.


    The aim of the organizers is to prepare for the runners a comprehensive experience associated with their participation in this event, based on a precise professional organization and its individual competitive and non-competitive parts. The start fee will be used primarily to cover the costs associated with the organization of the event.

    In addition, participants can count on the following benefits:

    • Start number with disposable chip
    • Measurement of finishing time
    • Medal for reaching the finish within the time limit
    • T-shirt with event’s graphics for participants in 21,1 km and 10 km
    • Possibility to order a T-Shirt for participants in 5 km
    • Storage space for personal belongings
    • Refreshments around course and at finish
    • Medical services around course and at finish
    • On-line participant’s diploma
    • On-line results list
    • Information service – event info sent to participant’s e-mail address


    Participants should give T-shirt size in their application for registration. Due to the fact that the deadline for ordering T-shirts falls in advance of the deadline for applications, the Organizer will supply participants with T-shirts in particular sizes as long as stocks last. Participants registered by 15th April 2020 will have priority in this regard. For partipants registering later the Organizer will make every reasonable effort in order to supply T-shirts in the requested sizes. Men and women will be supplied with appropriately-styled T-shirts.


    The ON-LINE registration for the Kosice Peace Half Marathon becomes valid only after payment of the entry fee, which must be paid at the same time as your registration.


    The registration fee for the Košice Peace Half Marathon Event can only be paid by payment card in the On-line registration process.

    With a Payment card
    It is the only method of paying the Registration Fee during the on-line registration of a KPM Participant and guarantees that he or she will undoubtedly and immediately have the right to participate upon the meeting of other conditions.


    Registration and receipt of the entry fee payment can be checked by logging into the competitor’s account in the on-line registration section of our website.

    The Organizer cannot be held responsible for incorrectly entered details either in your application or in your entry fee payment instructions!


    1. The Organizer does not refund a paid Entry Fee.

    2. Registered Participant who does not appear at the Presentation, does not pick up his or her bib number and does not make it to the start of the Event has no claim on a refunding of the Registration Fee or any claim for the refunding of possible other payments associated with participation. The Organizer in such a case has no obligation to offer or otherwise substitute an ordered service or to deliver material equipment and objects associated with the start at the Event.

    3. It is not possible to shift the registraton fee to the next yeat of the Košice Peace Half Marathon.

    4. Registered Participant may request the shifting of the right to start to another person via e-mail and may do so up to the moment when the Organizer creates the starting documents and assigns to participants an unchangeable bib number and only when the participation limit set by the Organizer for the selected disciplines has not been met. The time of this act is not fixed, is subject to the decision of the Organizer and occurs on the day when such a starting document is published on the Web page of the Organizer, or the registration for the Event is closed. The request for shifting of the right to start must always come from the originally registered Participant. In the case of such a shift, the new Participant shall pay a handling fee in the amount of 6.00 EUR.

    5. With the shifting of the right to start to a new Participant the paid Registration Fee and all other paid fees and claims associated with them are also shifted. The approval or rejection of such a request is upon the fulfilment of all conditions in the exclusive authority of the Organizer.

    6. Shifting the start to the another participant is not possible if the Participant:
    a) is registered for the Event through a registration code – the Organizer assigns registration codes on the basis of special instructions,
    b) is member of any loyalty program
    c) the participation limit set by the Organizer for the selected disciplines has been met
    d) picked up his or her “Welcoming Package”, including the bib number at the KHM Presentation.

    7. Registered Participant may request a change of the original discipline, to which he was registered, by e-mail delivered to the Organizer by Tuesday to midnight before the start of the Event. The approval of such an application shall be the sole responsibility of the Organizer, even if all conditions are met.