Registration has just opened!


Registration for the 100th Košice Peace Marathon has just opened!

Repeated and often impatient questions about registration for the jubilee marathon are answered today.
On the first day of December, exactly 10 months before the start, the registration was open and the first applications began, from which the start lists of the individual disciplines will be created. There will be neither fewer nor more of them than last year, so runners can make their preparations and plans with the feeling that it is only up to them which of the challenges they choose.
All key programs and campaigns remain. Of them, the one known to Košice Peace Marathon fans as My First Marathon will probably be the most interesting to follow. The reason is obvious. Right now is the right impulse, the right time to prepare for the premier conquering of the marathon course.
The deadline for the first wave of discounted entry fees will be until January 31, 2023, a free start is available to disabled athletes, members of the Diamond Club and several runners drawn in campaigns that were connected with the course of the recently concluded year of the oldest marathon in Europe.
The marathon, which even at the end of the season maintains its great position in the World Athletics ranking, will also be part of the world athletics calendar in 2023, and it can be assumed that in connection with the approaching jubilees, the number of global overlaps and activities will increase.


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