Josef Šulc

Between 1931 and 1942 he gained six champion’s titles on the marathon course. In 1933 he finished
the Vienna Marathon in 2nd place, but in doing so he ran the best time of his career (2h37m31s),
which in that year ranked him in ninth place in the world. He died on 10 July 1977.

Name: Josef Šulc
Born: 12.9.1907
Nationality: Czechoslovakia
Club affiliation: Sparta Praha
Personal record: 2:37:31
Košice (MMM): 19328th place2:53:16
19333rd place2:42:43
1935did not finish
More information:
Vienna19332nd place2:37:31
European Championships (Turin)19349th placetime not measured
Olympic Games (Berlin)193638th place3:11:47,4
Czechoslovak record in the 20 000 m race19391:12:29,4
Czechoslovak record in the 30 000 m race19391:51:04
Czechoslovak record in the 25 000 m race19391:31:15,6
Czechoslovak record in the 20 000 m race19411:10:49,9