Jaroslav Štrupp

The first time he ran in Košice was in 1945, when he finished third with a time of 2h56m05s. Altogether he completed 223 marathons. He set his personal best time (2h35m14s) in Ostrava in 1959. He was remarkable for his very consistent performances – in his ten fastest marathons he achieved an average of 2h37m53s. He produced the 17 best performances in the world in the Veterans’ class. He died in August 2004.

Name: Jaroslav Štrupp
Born: 16.8.1916
Nationality: Czechoslovakia
Club affiliation: Sokol Železničiari Trutnov
Personal record: 2:35:14
Košice (MMM): 19453rd place2:56:05
19529th place2:44:00,2
195419th place2:47:53,2
195536th place2:52:27
More information:
Ostrava19592:35:14personal best