Erkki Puolakka

In 1952 he won the qualifications for Finnish runners with a time of 2h29m02s. He became the first runner to achieve a time below 2h30m in the KPM. Just as in 1952, in 1954 he set another new course record, and in both cases he was entered in the list of best performances achieved within the former Czechoslovakia.He died on 22 Dec. 2008

Name: Erkki Puolakka
Born: 17.5.1925
Nationality: Finland
Club affiliation: Tervu Äänu
Personal record: 2:24:25
Košice (MMM): 1952winner2:29:35 course record
1954winner2:27:21 course record
More information:
Olympic Games (Helsinki)19528th place2:29:35
European Championships (Bern)19544th place2:26:45
Boston19543rd place2:24:25