Hans – Joachim Truppel

He was a construction engineer by profession. In 1976 he achieved a time of 2h13m44s in qualification, but even that was not good enough for the Olympics. Four years later he had improved to 2h11m56s. He took the victory in the KPM when taking part for the seventh time. He took part in the KPM for the last time in 1982, finishing in 5th place with a time of 2h19m28s.

Name: Hans – Joachim Truppel
Born: 24.3.1951
Nationality: GDR
Club affiliation: SC Motor Jena
Personal record: 2:11:56 1980
Košice (MMM): 197116th place2:29:44
197221st place2:28:26
19732nd place2:20:44
19742nd place2:20:14
19758th. place2:17:39
19778th place2:17:53
19825th place2:19:28
More information:
European Championships (Prague)19787th place2:12:54
Olympic Games (Moscow)198011th place1:14:55
World Championships (Helsinki)198320th place2:14:20