Get your Košice marathon photos

New application Pic2Go from Slovenska sporitelna guarantees you, that you get your race photos simply and for free !

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Our photo-team will shoot thousands of photos and send selected photos to your Facebook.

How It Works?

Each participant will have a unique barcode – matching the bib number. The system automatically recognizes bib numbers in photos and send photos to your Facebook.


The service is intended for the discipline::

Marathon (Women with starting numbers from F1 entered the system start numbers 8001, number 8002 for F2, etc.)*
Half Marathon
Relaz 4×1/4 (Enter system starting number, the competitor with the number 1/1, enter 70011 for athletes 01.02 enter 70012 for 250/1 enter 72501 etc.)*
Inline 20 km
*System start numbers are listed here.