Kosice Marathon 2016 dedicated to Takeshi So


“In the Footsteps of Marathon Legends“ is the name of the project, which has become an essential part of Košice Peace Marathon programme. The project has been devoted to world marathon´s giants, connected with Košice in the past, such as olympics winners Juan Carlos Zabala, Abebe Bikila, unforgettable Ron Hill, Leonard Edelen, John Farrington or the world record holder Christa Vahlensieck. The integral part of this project lean on the high school students who are trying to run their best time during year to qualify for the final Marathon Legend Relay.

In 2016 we are focused on the carrier and great victories of Japanese champion Takeshi So, who won in Košice exactly 40 years ago, in October 1976. Between 1979 and 1988 Takeshi So belonged among the best worldwide runners. At that era he has overcome time 2:12 ten times, three times he has run even under 2:10. Takeshi achieved his personal best 2:08:55 during Tokyo Marathon, in 1983. He was leading marathon in Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 as well, but finally he finished at great 4th place. In 1993 Takeshi So was awarded by title Masters World Champion. Today he is coaching gifted runners such as Satoru Sasaku (PB 2:08:56) heading to Rio Olympics. So if you decide to visit the oldest Marathon in Europe this October, you should not miss Takeshi So and his Junior Relay for sure.



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