Run With Your Heart

Run with your heart is a charity project organized by Kosice Marathon Club.

As a participant of the 96th Košice Peace Marathon, you can help support crises center for families with children in need, families with oncologically ill children, help improve life conditions of extremely vulnerable families or empower young people with visual disabilities.

How can you donate

As a runner, you can donate optional amount during the online registration for the 96th Košice Peace Marathon and your name will be displayed amongst Run with your Heart runners on the results list.

Through the Run With Your Heart project we are helping the following charity organzations:

Úsmev ako dar / Vincentínum – Crisis center for families with children in need

This new crisis center opened in 2018 near Košice provides safe shelter for families which lost their homes due to different circumstances. This model of so called Caring Housing not only help these families with roof above their heads but also assists them to talk to social workers, psychologists or provide other special services. After the first part of the center was opened now the priority is to finish also the exterior part and the rest of the premises so more families can be accomodated.

Usmej sa na mňa – Civic Association

Its members are parents, doctors and teachers who advocate for the integration of hearing, vision, mentally and bodily disabled children and youth into society. They teach them to use the abilities they have and help them come to know the world around them. By organizing various sporting and cultural events, they create, together with their partners and supporters, opportunities through which affected children can better know the same pleasures of their healthy friends. And why the smile in the name? The explanation from members of the civic association is simple: “We meet people on the street every day from whom life has taken something away but also given to them in some other way. Some disabilities are visible, but some are deeply hidden in a person’s heart. If you want to see a smile on the faces of these exceptional children, then smile at them!”

Liga proti rakovine – Anti-Cancer League

It originated in 1990 with the primary aim of helping oncology patients, their families and friends. It daily offers such people services through its own psycho-social projects. Thanks to this project hundreds of patients can at least partly unburden themselves at free relaxation stays and take advantage of psychological services in 16 hospital throughout Slovakia. Parents can use accommodation facilities near children’s hospitals and be near their children when they are hospitalized. Other activities include providing financial support to medical institutions – whether by purchasing equipment or small items needed daily to improve treatment or the lives of oncology patients, supporting cancer research, publishing its own informational materials for patients and the medical public and spreading a healthy life style among various groups of citizens.

Whichever way you donate, 100% of your donation will benefit the people in need.